WHA BSN Completion Information


Wisconsin Hospital Association BSN Completion Information

Attention Wisconsin nurses: Are you looking for a BSN completion program?

Did you know? The 2011Institute of Medicine (IOM) Report recommends that 80% of all nurses achieve their BSN degree by the year 2020. The Wisconsin 2012 RN Survey indicates that less than 50% of nurses licensed in Wisconsin have a BSN degree. If you are looking for a BSN completion program, here is a great resource from the Wisconsin Hospital Association to help get you informed and connected to find a program to meet your specific needs. This user-friendly site will provide you with information on a variety of programs, and is designed to help you find a program that is right for YOU!

The BSN completion program site is provided and funded by the Wisconsin Hospital Association, and made possible through the generous support of the WHA Foundation as a benefit to Wisconsin nurses who want to further their education.
Get your BSN and be part of the future of nursing – TODAY!

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